What does ALGS mean?

A - Activity
L - Leadership
G - Guaranties
S - Stability

The successful development of the company due to the ability to find the most effective solutions for our partners through intelligent combination of quality and price of supplies and materials, as well as the necessary predostvaleniya highly skilled counseling, services and other services to the customers request.

 Main activities of the company ALGS RĪGA:

• Supply of industrial equipment for the multi-purpose pipelines
• Supply of machinery and equipment for the needs of the customer
• Delivery of all types of batteries
• Delivery of a wide range of electrical consumer goods
• Supply the necessary accessories for the control and battery maintenance batteries
• Supply of spare parts for industrial equipment

This activity is carried out by us, not only in Latvia, but also in the other Baltic countries, Europe and the CIS.

ALGS RĪGA company offers equipment and products of the leading manufacturers in Europe, Asia and America.

At the local market, the company ALGS RIGA also collaborates with engineering and technical companies LATVIJAS GĀZE, VENTSPILS NAFTA, VENTBUNKERS, LATROSTRANS, LATVIJAS GAISA SATIKSME, STA GRUPA, G4S, OLIMPS and many others.

Values and achievements

Success of our company’s work lies in the balance found between possibilities of the supplier and demands of the client, ability to respond quickly to the market changes and individual approach to the partner. During its work in different economic situations, the company has proved to be a reliable partner, honest competitor and responsible contractor. Operative elimination of emergency conditions, delicacy and honesty helped the company to gather a wide range of clients.

Future Prospects

We are certain of the success of each beginning that is aimed at increasing wealth of our partners and coworkers.